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Letter of Mehdi Kouhkan to the Human Rights House of Iran

My left knee was injured under torture in Ward 240. The prosecutor agreed to allow me to be hospitalized on the condition that I agree to pay the medical costs. I underwent a surgery on May 22nd while my hands and feet were chained to the hospital bed. The authorities treated me in an insulting manner during my hospitalization.

I suffered from back and neck spasms due to the pressures I endured after surgery in addition to the surgery pain. One or two days after the surgery, I was taken back to Evin Prison. I was told that I would return to hospital a week later since my treatment had not been completed. One month has passed and my requests for continuing the treatment have been denied.

Since the treatment was halted, my leg has been infected. I am taking antibiotics which have led to digestive problems. My condition and the infections that may lead to the amputation of my leg are not important for the prosecutor.

Before me, several of my cellmates such as Mohsen Dokmehchee, Alborz Ghasemi and Hassan Nahid and Hoda Saber, have lost their lives due to lack of medical attention. Thus, I do not think that the prosecutor will care about the amputation of my leg.

I declare that the Tehran Prosecutor is directly responsible for any injuries I suffer due to lack of medical attention. I hope someone will hear my cries for help by reading this letter.

Mehdi (Kourosch) Koukhan, Evin Prison (Ward 350), June 2011

Translation by www.rahana.org