Evin Rosetta Stone

In the name of Allah, the All-Mighty and Mercy-ful [*]

                                                                                                                   Date: April 20th 1985 [**]

From Qodratollah Khatiri, son of  Mokhtar

My dear Wife,
I send you greetings full of friendship. Please give my kisses to our little Siavash and beautiful Mariam. Also send my best wishes to my father and ensure him of my continuous prayers for his wellbeing. Give all my greetings and best wishes to my brothers, sisters, their children and all the other relatives.
My darling, your efforts in attending every possible visit bring me great joy. The weather does not deter you as you travel through the freezing cold and the burning heat to see me, for which I am so grateful my love.
May the Almighty, grant you patience, forbearance and the wisdom to endure these struggles; and to use these gifts in order to take proper care of yourself, the children and my father.
My dear and only wife, I hope that your kind and loving character as noble as this year’s spring time will sustain and benefit the children and my father. Particularly in terms of their physical and mental wellbeing, which because of their age is especially significant, I trust you will meet their needs of strong mental health and healthy food.
I hope you are well and healthy.

Sender:   Ewin-Prison, Highschool of martyr Katschui, hall 5, cell 108,
               Qodratollah Khatiri, son of Mokhtar [***]

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[*]  pre-printed standard phrase on each letter leaving the prison
[**] according to western calendar, in original 31.1.1364
[***] written on the backside of the letter