Evin Rosetta Stone

My dearest Mahdieh,

I held a small ceremony in my cell for your birthday. It was the only thing I could do. When I think about our destiny I realize that, twenty years ago, we not only selected each other but also discovered each other. At that time very few people thought that Mr. Mohammad Bozorgvar’s mischievous and stubborn little girl with dark features would transform into a model mother and wife; a woman of strong character, wisdom, consideration, patience, and devotion, who contests to life’s hardships and sufferings with such grace. I experienced true happiness with you and our children by my side and I have learned so much from your conduct.

God willing, we will some day have a fresh new start and once again experience those pleasant memories. It is not too late and, until then, our only recourse is to remain patient and tolerant.

Happy Birthday!

Ahmad [Zeidabadi]
July 20th, 2011
Rajai Shahr Prison,
Ward 4, Hall 12, Cell 24

(translation by Banooye Sabz
 editing by persian2english )